Care at Himley Manor

Types of Care at Himley Manor

Find out about the three levels of care offered at Himley Manor Care Home.

Our residential care service provides residents with accommodation, meals, and personal care. Personal care includes such things as assistance in mobility, eating, washing, dressing and help with medication administration.

All aspects of living are catered for by our team at Himley Manor. This removes the need for our residents to complete daily tasks that they may otherwise struggle within their own homes, for example laundry or other household chores.

Our home is designed to help enable residents to be independent at Himley Manor.

Our dementia care is tailored to meet the needs of individual residents. Our staff members are trained to help residents make decisions about their own care in a stress and anxiety free way. This enables our staff to develop meaningful relationships with residents, leading to the excellent standards of care synonymous with the Himley Manor Philosophy of Care.

In addition to the care we offer, we also have a dementia garden, which evokes a feeling of nostalgia within residents. By designing and decorating our care home in a way that is practical and comfortable for our residents, for example by installing hand rails throughout the home and using primary colour signage. This creates a comfortable environment that helps improve the wellbeing of dementia service users.

Respite care is the provision of temporary relief for those who are caring for family members who might otherwise require permanent placement in a care home away from home.

We are proud to offer respite care at Himley Manor. We think that it is important to provide a service for those who share the same passion as us - caring for others; friends or family.

Passionate Staff

Our Philosophy of Care is shared by all of our qualified and highly skilled staff - we ensure the highest standards of care and we are proud to say we are very selective about who we employ to care for our residents.

24/7 Support

Our ever growing team are always there 24 hours a day 7 days a week to provide help, support and care for our residents. We ensure that we are always well staffed throughout both day and night.

Dementia Care

The level of Dementia Care provided here at Himley Manor is unrivalled - our staff are all extensively trained and have experience working with residents who have different forms of Dementia.

Medication Administration

Any resident that is dependant on medication, we have trained staff to administer medication to our residents 24 hours a day.


Residents Meetings

We take views and opinions from our Residents about any aspect of their care on board by arranging monthly Residents/Relative Meetings. We find this very useful to improve and make changes to the home.

Dignity Champions

We have members of staff who are part of the National Dignity Council and promote dignity throughout the home - Our Dignity Champions provide support to our residents and staff.